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3 Things No One Will Tell You About Short Term Mission Trips It is estimated that there are around 1,500,000 people across the US who takes part in short term mission trips every year. It is a lot of people without a doubt and these people have been spending close to 2 billion dollars for these kinds of trips. We have both seen the good, bad and ugly of doing short term missions for sure. And we keep feeling this tension with short term mission teams we have been hosting. But are they doing more harm than good, are they perpetuating the cycle of poverty, do they really contribute to the feeling of superiority or inferiority? And according to different studies done, it has figured out that we might matter more than what we are doing. You are going to uncover things that may have not heard of about being effective on having short term mission trips in the next paragraphs.
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Number 1. You are not a hero – the first thing that you should know before you go and when you arrive is that, your team has to commit in getting rid of hero mindset. What developing countries need is long term partners and not short term heroes. Your team may possibly be doing more harm than good in case that you’ll just be spending there for a week and wishing to look like a hero.
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Number 2. Historical context might just be as important as immediate context – have you allotted a portion of your time to study the history of the neighborhoods or country where you are going, do you know what role of your country has played there, do you know what is the role of church and missions have been there, do you know current issues and needs of people? It can help you a lot to know how you can fit best and help in immediate context by having a strong background knowledge of where you are going. Number 3. Do not do a job people can do for themselves – people in developing countries are capable of painting walls, build buildings and the likes so why you are going to do such thing for them? If school is really a need in the place or painting a wall where you are working, then you best invite people from the village or students from that school to do it along with you. Don’t be afraid to share about your pain, needs and family as sometimes, people living in developing countries think that everyone outside their native land especially in the US is happy and rich. You are an ambassador of your country by going on these short term mission trips and thanks to YouTube, Facebook and globalization, developing countries have ideas of how other country’s lifestyles are.

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Places To Visit In Northern Ireland

When visiting Northern Ireland in a meaningful tour, it will pay off it you look for the tourist destinations that can help you enjoy your visit, and one of them is hopping onto its capital city, Belfast. Within the bustling cities in the area, you can visit any of these tourist attractions in Northern Ireland, that are designed especially for visitors who want to trace the connection of the destination to the Titanic mishap.

Visiting The Capital City Of Belfast

One of the tourist attractions that people can visit in Northern Ireland is known as Belfast, which is the city where the Titanic ship was built and it is the original area where it was constructed. Last 2012, the place commemorated the centennial anniversary since the tragedy happened when the Titanic hit the iceberg and sank, leaving several people dead.

In commemoration of the anniversary, Belfast in Northern Ireland is now home to a museum that pays tribute to the historical feat, more than a tragedy, because of the stories embedded in them, that people can visit. It joins the list of all the Titanic-inspired museums worldwide.

Belfast has the Titanic Quarter, which is a place where tourists can view four large hulls to represent the scope of the Titanic ship that is presented to tourists full view. Visitors can be able to enjoy this attraction as one of the recently developed areas in the area of Belfast where the Titanic building is standing in the midst, these are located near the River Lagan, an iconic body of water in this area.

Truly, this new attraction sits beside the very area where the Titanic was claimed to have been built. Tourists can be given the chance to hear and see the stories that have captured generations about the idea, the inspiration, the creation, the size and the voyage inspired by the Titanic journey. Just image the many embedded first hand stories taken from personal accounts of the journey participated by important people in the world, women, children, service men, and passengers that transcended social status in order to reach New York in its first voyage back in the early 1990s.

As a memory that has been embedded in history and has been associated with many tourist attractions in Ireland, the new tourist attraction ensures that Belfast remains a special destination for all.

The Belfast City Hall In Northern Ireland

Located in the sweet landscapes of Belfast, the city hall also has its own personal offer to the tourists who want to get connected with tradition.

Get a taste of Northern Ireland history with some of the world’s famous monuments locally known in the area in this European region of Northern Ireland when you pay a visit.

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